Designing a blended learning lesson

You will need about 40 minutes to do this activity.

  1. Design a lesson on a topic of your choice which requires learners to prepare for a class in advance; show during and after class activities learners will engage in. The lesson should show the seamless integration of the learning activities and how the teacher knows what learning took place outside the classroom. You can do this activity alone or with a colleague.
  2. If you are working with a colleague, you can share and critique your lessons together. If you are working alone, you can raise questions or briefly describe the main activities of your lesson in the discussion forum.
                                **A blended Learning Lesson**

Suppose I teach Year 12 economics students on the topic “Perfect Competitive Market”. The learning outcome of the lesson is - “students should be able to understand the features and provide examples of a perfectly competitive market in their local context”. There are 25 students in this Year 12 Economics class. The school where I teach had a moodle and platform discussion forum where all students can access online.

Provided below are my strategies to ensure the students are to engage and learn effectively using a blended learning approach:

Before Class

  • I prepare reading materials relevant to the topic for students that I extracted from the online resources. Students should access the readings on the school moodle and to complete a short quiz based on the readings.
  • Video clip relate to a Perfect Competitive Firm is also created and uploaded on the moddle for students to watch before class. They should take notes when watching the video clip and must come up with one or two questions and post on a discussion forum.
  • Students must contribute to questions that are posted on a discussion forum.
  • Teacher to facilitate the online discussion to ensure students are engaged and learn from each other in order to understand online information (readings and video clip) for example concepts about the topic like what is it?, What are the features and examples of the perfect competitive market?

During Class

  • Group students into 5 groups with 5 students in each group. Engage the students in each group to discuss on what they have learned from their readings and watching a video clip. This time they should ask their peers by exchanging their views. That is they have to learn from their peers especially about how the Perfect Competitive Market applies in their local context. Give them a few minutes to discuss in their group. The teacher will walk around to each group for clarifications when needed. When their time permit of discussion elapsed, each group must present to the whole class to share their findings relate to what is a Perfect Competitive Market, give examples and how it operates in their local area. Allow students to give comments or feedback based on the findings from each group.

-After the discussion about the topic in groups, dismantle the group and allow students to work individually by providing them with a knowledge-based assessment on the topic to ensure that each student have learned from their peer-groups, readings and video clip. The knowledge-based assessment consist of 10 multiple choice questions and students should access it on the Moodle. The knowledge assessment must be completed on the spot, feedback of the test knowledge also provided automatically on the Moodle after students answered every question.

  • After the test knowledge and the teacher should ask students if they have further questions and need further clarifications about the topic, they should post on the forum discussion.

After Class

  • Recap on the lesson by summarising the topic to students. Also post the summary of the topic on the Moodle for students to read it. Provide one scenario-based assessment that is in the form of a quiz - multiple choice questions with 10 items. Students must attempt it on the Moodle. They can make re-attempts on the scenario-based assessment.
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Excellent job well done

If am to teach a topic ‘Physical and Chemical Changes’ , the learning outcome of the lesson is – ‘students should be able to understand the difference between physical and chemical changes and provide examples’.

Before Class

I will prepare relevant reading materials on the topic for students, which should be accessed on the school Moodle.

Short video clip will be produced showing different physical and chemical changes and posted on the Moodle for the students to watch before class. Every student must contribute to the questions that are posted on a discussion forum.

The teacher should encourage the students to go through the learning materials (readings and video clip) before the class as to get some insight about the topic.

During Class

The teacher should engage the students to discuss what they have leant from the learning materials (reading and video clip). Allow them to discuss on what is physical change and chemical change as well. They should equally give appropriate examples of both physical and chemical changes. The teacher should go round to make clarifications where necessary.

The teacher should then make overall comments and provide them with a knowledge-based assessment on the topic to ensure every student has learnt something from the learning materials. The knowledge-based assessment should consist of 5 to10 multiple choice questions, which students should access on the Moodle on the spot and immediate feedback should be provided for students to know their areas of strength and weakness.

The teacher should then ask if there are further questions or needs for clarifications about the topic. Students should then post on the discussion forum.

After Class

The teacher should conclude by summarizing the key points to students, and equally post the summary on the Moodle for students to access. A scenario-based assessment may be provided on the Moodle and allow for multiple attempts to boost students understanding.

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This is a very good work.

I prepared a lesson plan on: “Exploring Climate Change and its Impact on Biodiversity” with the following Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the basics of climate change and its impact on biodiversity.
  2. Recognize the causes and consequences of climate change.
  3. Analyse the interdependence of different species in an ecosystem.
  4. Discuss the ways to mitigate the effects of climate change on biodiversity.

The following are the questions and main activities in the lesson plan:

Pre-Class Activities:

  1. What video did the students watch on climate change and biodiversity?
  2. What article did the students read about the effects of climate change on different species?
  3. What questions were given to the students related to the video and article?

During Class Activities:

  1. What is the purpose of the introduction, and what are the key points covered in it?
  2. How will the teacher divide the class into small groups and assign species to each group?
  3. What are the specific discussion points that the students should focus on while analyzing the impact of climate change on their assigned species?
  4. How will the groups present their findings to the class, and what feedback will be given by the teacher and students?
  5. What strategies will the students come up with to mitigate the effects of climate change on biodiversity, and how will they be evaluated by the teacher?

Post-Class Activities:

  1. What specific essay topics will the students write about their understanding of climate change and its impact on biodiversity?
  2. What practical solutions will the students come up with to mitigate the effects of climate change on biodiversity, and how will they be evaluated by the teacher?

Supposedly I’m teaching agriculture and the lesson for the day is on integrated farming. The lesson outcome would be " at the end of the lesson the students will be able to define what is integrated farming and what are the components of integrated farming".

  1. Before the class.
    I will be preparing all the learning materials. The text book, models of the intergated farming system. Videos from the internet explaining on the intergated farming setup. I will post up a research questions on the intergated farming system for the students to do
  2. During the class.
    I will define what is intergated farming system. To make the understanding easier, I will use videos from the internet to show to the students. I will divide the students into groups and ask them to set up a model farm on a integrated farming system. Once the students have designed the model , then they are required to do a presentation on the model on how the model works.
  3. After the class.
    I will summarize the class. Ask questions to students if they have understood the lesson.