Competencies of a school manager

Excellent submission. Especially the conflict resolution skill you highlighted… Well done sir

These are really good qualities mentioned above.
Some here I thought are also important as a manager:
Be sensitive and empathetic- since you are the link between so many stakeholders and students come from many different socio economic back ground and being able to listen and understand the issue may make you more approachable and kind hearted.
As a leader, being visible is critical as it allows you direct access to relate to issues and problem which may arise. When you are locked behind an office and not seen on the corridors of an institution, and then not interacting with staff, students, parents and other stakeholders can make you not approachable and accessible.

The manager/principal is the link between teachers, students, parents and the community.
Principals need to manage these areas- class schedules, curriculum delivery, evaluate teacher performance, school budget, indiscipline of students and carry out Ministry policies.
Competencies a manager should have-

  1. Good leadership skills- strong leader so that students, staff and parents respect and listen to you.
    2.Technology skills and willing to upskill- IT skills are so important and training in new technology is so critical to function in your role
    3.Be decisive- confidence in the ability to lead; issues will be solved quickly
  2. Problem solver- being able to identify a problem is good but finding innovative solutions to problems will be an asset to a manager
    5.Being able to prioritize- Issues will arise during the day but it is essential to distinguish what is important and critical
    6.Delegate responsibilities- since the job has many responsibilities that it can be overwhelming, having the ability to give competent persons the task is important
  3. Good communicator and listener- keeping persons up to date with information, and bring that information in a simple manner to all stakeholders, it must be relevant and pertinent to all stakeholders to keep all persons aware of what is happening not guessing what is happening. Then it may give rise to misinformation or disinformation.
  4. Open to change- having the ability to adapt and change is important
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The school principal should be competent enough to make sound decisions. Principal should be able to wisely implement the policy made and be able to identify the problems arising in the school. He should be able to address those issues professionally and diligently. He should find the solution to the issues raised. If need be the principal should inform the management of the problem and request for policies to be made to combat the issue if their is no policy for those problems.

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Should have skills in:

  • School administration and management
  • Education knowledge
  • Financial management
  • Public relations
  • Resource mobilization
  • Leadership
  • Organization skills
  • Planning skills
  • Project implementation process
  • Goal setting
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I think a manager of an open school should have a combination of educational, leadership, communication, technology, problem-solving, interpersonal, cultural competence, and flexibility skills to effectively manage the school and support the success of its students.

Because there are so many chains of command in the education system, a principal has to get permission for certain activities before it is done so this makes it at times cumbersome to be effective and efficient. The management can come up with plan to deal with issues as they arise but again they are mandated to get approvals before anything can be done. Bureaucratic processes also are a keep back for many institutions. Paper work and data can be difficult to organize since digitalizing the process is still being done.