AS4ODFL (PAC) Fiji Cohort – Talanoa Forum

Bula @Waisake_Raliwalala - welcome to the course. I was with USP till 2018 :blush:; I am looking forward to learning more about your experiences.

Bula @1103488 (Isireli). Welcome to the course!

Malo Bula everyone, my name is Jone Tikoyaroi from the white sands of Kabara Island and I’m a full time primary teacher. The reason I’m taking this course is to familiarize myself with the different Assessments and for the betterment of my students.

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Hello and Bula everyone
I’m Willie Maete’e hail from Malaita Province in the Solomon Islands. I am a secondary school and now studying at the University of the South Pacific (USP), Laucala Campus. Enrolling at this 3 weeks course will broadened my assessment skills. To effectively help my students learning both face to face and remote. I am also happy to learn from our interactions and sharing.

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Bula @Jone - wow, Kabara Island…you are so lucky to be residing in beautiful Kabara. How many students do you have in your school? Is there a secondary school as well?

Bula @williemaetee - Welcome to AS4ODFL!

Malo @DeepakPrasad , originally from Kabara but I’m teaching at Bureta District School in Ovalau Island. There are currently 136 primary students at Bureta.

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@Jone - Ovalau equally beautiful! How is the internet connection there?

welcome course inspire

Greetings from Abemama, Kiribati Dr @mackiwg Great to hear from you again. Look forward to participating in ‘a reality of challenges’ Have a blessed day.

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Bula Sia
I am Selina from Labasa Vanua Levu. I am a Kindergarten Teacher and the reason I have taken up this course because of my eagerness to learn more about Assessments and it’s importance on the lives of every student we teach and how we can use those assessment tools or skills to ehance our teaching strategies and also develop learning strategies that suit each students learning development since not every child develop the same way.

Hello oketa, from the Solomon islands my name is valorie and I am an early childhood teacher currently teaching in one of the provinces. i prefer to take this course because its an opportunity for me to improve my knowledge in assessments skills as well as learning online.

AS4ODFL is a course to go for. Tekeraoi

Bula everyone. I am Lensley Livu Bani from Vanuatu but studying here at Laucala Campus. I am a teacher trainer at the Vanuatu Teacher training institute back home but I am here at the University of the South Pacific on a study leave. So happy to be part of this talanoa group.

Greetings everyone. I am Sheila Drew from Johannesburg South Africa. I am an overall facilitator on this course. I hope you engage well with each other. I will engage more in the main course feed, but I popped in here for a quick look. I notice some of you work with very young children. Early childhood is my field of specialty, and I cannot resist to ask a question. What do you think are the differences and similarities in assessment of very young children and older primary and high school students?
Wishing you all well.

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Malo e lelei everyone! I am Losaline Sili hails from the beautiful kingdom of Tonga, I am working as an Assistant Senior Education Officer for Educational Data Intelligence Division under the Ministry of Education and Training. I had been working as markers for national examination for about four years now and usually goes out for PDs to Primary Teacher. I am interested in this course as it will help me when doing reports after marking exams, looking forward for an upgrade knowledge on my next report as I will know more about Assessment.

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You are lucky as you intervene early before becoming a full Teacher where assessment will be the main tool for evaluating your students’ performance. All the best

Hi Dr. Deepak Prasad, If I do remember it well, you had been my tutor at University of the South Pacific in ED454. I hope that from the gained knowledge and skills you have would help us in this course. God bless


Hi everyone my name is Achal from the beautiful island of friendly north. Am a police officer am doing this course to gain more knowledge on communication and skills

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Hi there Asnath. Its good to be part of this cohort of learning after leaving the Vanuatu Examination and Assessment Unit some nine (9) years ago. Its good to be learning the theory part of assessment after having dealt with and administering school, national and reginal assessments for over ten (10) long years. Please continue with the good work and let us continue to dialogue for learning.

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