LIDA103 Solving real-world problems with OER

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Stimulus resource


  1. Scan the list of sustainable development goals
  2. Think of an idea for a learning project that could be incorporated into an OERu course where learners work on real-world problems releasing their outputs as OER.
  3. Share your project idea by posting on this “Solving real world problems forum”.
  4. “Favourite” or “like” good ideas posted in the forum.
  5. Join the discussion by posting replies and suggestions for refining project ideas.

The OERu international partnership will endeavour to integrate outstanding ideas into future courses (with attribution).


With respect to education, I can see two ways college language learners can work on a sustainable development in education. In the first, they would establish a linguistic exchange of English for the other country’s language so that both learners gain linguistic proficiency and greater cultural understanding of one another.
The second would be for the US student to recast major lessons for partners in developing countries who do not have ready access to postsecondary education. Again a win-win: the US student consolidates and strengthens learning by teaching and the partner gains access to knowledge that might otherwise be inaccessible.
Access to technology is the critical factor, however, for the partner.


Zero hunger: Ways to redistribute wasted food from supermarkets and restaurants. (CF)


@finneryc - Good idea. I can see that the development and sharing of OER resources to assist communities to launch and manage feeding initiatives could be an amazing project.

TV1 News in New Zealand recently featured a community restaurant initiative run by volunteers using rescued food. Patrons can pay what the feel or can afford to help cover some of the costs.

Wonder if there are other international examples?


Earlier this year my daughter did an exercise on this at school ( she is year 8). They had to pick one of the sustainable development goals and suggest a way they could implement something in their community that would have an impact on the goal. I thought this was a great idea at the time and can see if the ideas from exercises like these were released into the community to be able added to and/or refined. The next step from there is implementing the ideas as well.

My idea would be for Goal 12: sustainable development. I would like to see a campaign where recycling knowledge is ingrained. In Christchurch we have 3 bins - rubbish, green waste and recycling. And where I work they have the same bins at regular intervals as well but the sad thing is they are not used properly which negates the good that is being done.



Wow! I’m impressed to hear that your daughter’s school has incorporated the SDGs into the curriculum.

When you think of it - OER is a sustainable and renewable resource :wink: We encourage reuse!