AS4ODFL (PAC) Assessing to learn

I do agreed with the two statements. All children are unique and they
have come from different background they develop their learning in different ways. Learning can be through indoors and outdoors environments. Assessment can be assess to get feed back on a child’s learning process.

In my opinion I agree with both statements depending on different situations in learning and of learning. That is learning is important only when it is happening within the learning environment and too the learners must need feedback from their learning,and that’s when assessment must occur to see their progress and understanding in learning.

There are some really interesting comments in these posts. As a facilitator I am encouraged that there will be lively debate coming up!
Large classes can be a challenge for one on one feedback. How else can we give meaningful feedback? Who else can give feedback? We will pick up on these issues again a bit later in the course.
By now, you can see a strong relationship between teaching, assessing and giving and receiving feedback, complementing and supporting each other. Assessment is for learning, not for its own sake.
How we design and use assessment is important. Careless design and use of assessment can hinder and demotivate students.


Practically, learning could be more so. Assessing is I guess ‘trying to be certain’ that the learner actually able to do or learn as expected. To some extend, I do agree that Learning is more important than assessing, unless of course measurement and record purposes are to be implace.
As a teacher, our learners must be all-encaged, all-motivated, all-involved for learner to learn. Can we call these ‘support and feedback?’

The 3 Assessment has always been in our teaching because each child/student have different capabilities with different learning environment which suits them best. However, it doesn’t change and challenging until this year 2022 when Kiribati starts with its Remote Learning, there were challenges faced in gathering their LEARNING; for instance their learning needs (mobile/phones/internet/recharge) and of students scattered around with a large number of students in class or in a stream

Learning and assessment inform each other. To regard one as important than another would mean that emphasis is not place on the importance of progress in individual student’s achievement levels. How can we measure and evaluate performance if learning is only our main concerns? Learning is based on teaching and if teaching is not informed through assessment then learning is hard to be achieved.
The support that students need will only come when effective teaching and assessment strategies are integrated into students learning.

I agree on the idea of certainty in assessment. To be certain about how my planning has been going and how the implementation parts are achieved through teaching and learning, a teacher must always ensure that learning is proven. This is through assessment. A lot of assumptions happen in a class of 40 to 1 teacher based on student to teacher ratio that learning is taking place. Unless proper assessment procedures are put in place for monitoring purposes through creative and innovative response to individual students performance, students will still face learning difficulties. On another note, my worry has to be on learning as a first step before any assessment procedures are put in place that progressive learning depends on.

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i think student need feedback and support from the teacher and also the teacher should assess the student to find out where they went wrong or their weakness in learning in order to support them. i do not agree with the first statement. student always need to be assess.

Mauri Mary, #AS4ODFL is a course of challenges. Glad to see you and share together this way. Tia katekeraoira!

I disagree for the first statement the reason why because assessing is more important than learning if there is no assessment we don’t know how to prove what we learn from students.Assessing it can focuses on the opportunities to develop student ability to evaluate themselves to make judgments about their own performance and improve upon it.
I totally agree on the second statement.Students need support and feedback to discourage student effort and achievement or it’s give them support and feedback to explanation of what they are doing correctly and incorrectly or what the students is doing right.
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Yes,I do agree with the statement as through effective learning and mastering the concept thought in class and practicals then student will able to understand what do to in assessment. Assessment and learning both a effective method to help student understand the concept.

With the second point,I have fully agree that in every assessment that was given ,student always need a feedback so then they will get to see where they should improve.And this is a effective tool that teachers need to use as it is always a two way approach.

I am glad to see the level of engagement on these two statements. I hope they have challenged you to think more deeply about assessment OF learning, assessment FOR learning and assessment AS learning. Have you challenged yourself to think about assessment differently? Read someone else’s post, do they have the same understanding as you? Respond to their post, give them feedback. Go back, read again, and challenge yourself to really understand the difference between the three. Think about your own learning and assessment in this course, so far. Are you learning? Are you being assessed? Are you giving and receiving feedback?

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Learning is more important than assessing, assessment sometimes do not measure the students ability instead it follows criteria for ranking purposes

Assessment is just as important as Learning. I believe both are very important towards children’s learning and development and for us Teachers as well. Both helps us Facilitator evaluate our own teaching strategies or where our loop holes maybe and where we need to do adjustments or mending I say. I can say it is our measuring line, where we can stand back and just evaluate ourselves and see what is missing " is it the child or my teaching strategies that is the problem here .
I am just thinking out loud
Thank you

Absolutely, I do have the same thinking in line for the first statement. As you have explained for the first statement, learning and assessment do compliment each other. Learning in involved in all three types of assessments: assessment for learning, assessment of learning, and assessment as learning.

For the first statement, I do not agree that learning is more important that assessment. They are equally important because they compliment each other. One cannot happen without the other.

As for the second statement. I do agree that students need support and feedback throughout the learning process in regardless of:

  • assessment for learning,
  • assessment of learning,
  • assessment as learning.
    In open distance flexible learning this support and feedback will be and integral part.

You make a good point about the value of support and feedback throughout the learning process, and being integral to ODFL. Would you agree that support and feedback is equally important in face to face teaching and learning?

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I disagree with the statement that learning is important than assessing. The reason is because assessing weight how much learning is taking place. For example, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, .he think he is wise to be called a leader. War his best solution. If we weight how he prove himself to be wise enough. His actions does not speak the best of his knowledge or his learning.

The point I try to emphasis your learning allow you to act or speak out your action. At the end, it will come down to the point where people judge your action.

I would say it is true but learning cannot be done without assessing. Assessing is very important because it do help the teacher to know and understanding the level of students understanding at the beginning, during and the end of the class. Because students do need support and feedback to understand are they on the right path or no.

Students come to school to learning. I have never heard a parent sending his/her child to school to be assessed. Assessment is only a tool used to identify if learning has taken place. On that note students really need that extra support and feedback to confirm their learning progress.

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