Transitional period (from classroom to online learning) in Fiji during this Covid 19 pandemic season

Fiji is going through this transitional period where digital literacy to online learning is very important.

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In Fiji we have now moved from classroom to online teaching and learning in 2020 and now again in 2021 post COVID 19 pandemic. The transition has been a learning experience for everyone (teachers, students and parents). Now teachers are learning new strategies via Google, MyTeachersFiji and FNU through various utube videos, webinars and professional development sessions. It has been interesting and I have learnt to teach and attend webinars using Google Meet and Zoom and learnt to evaluate my students learning via Google Forms and Kahoot. However some students in remote areas who don’t have internet and technology are missing out. They do receive worksheets but teaching cannot take place since no contact is allowed. Low achievers are also missing out since they relied on direct help from teachers. However we have to adapt to it and sharing and collaboration keeps us going.