Online learning needs to be improved in Fiji rural schools

I had taught in rural remote schools (Lau Islands, Fiji) for 6 years before moving to an urban school in the urban area which I am currently teaching in at the moment. I love teaching in the rural remote schools since we are going out there to teach disadvantaged children who are not exposed to many resources like students in the urban areas but then I requested for transfer since I wanted to pursue my education at FNU back then Internet connection was not very good at that time and opting for Distance Learning was not a really good idea. I believe that if internet networking is improved in rural schools teachers will enjoy teaching there since more resources can be borrowed online and they can also upgrade their qualification through online learning platform.


I totally agree with you. Gaining access to the internet in remote schools will upgrade the level of learning and exposure to be current with the development of the economy. We can only hope for the best and do the best we can to achieve the goal of gaining access to the internet. This goal will not just enhance our level of learning as teachers but also assist the learners with their needs to education.