NZEXT101 Creating an introductory activity

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Create an introductory activity connected to your discipline to get to know your learners. Here are some examples for more ‘traditional’ subjects; how might you apply a similar idea?

  • In a Human Geography class, you could ask every student to identify a location from which they would want to conduct field work, and why.
  • For English Literature, each student could discuss what fictional character they would like to invite to dinner, and why.
  • In History, ask what figure, living or dead, would be the most interesting to have at a cocktail party, and why.

Can you think of some fun and interesting questions for your discipline?

Share your thoughts here, and see what others are saying.

It is a great idea. As I am working in English Language Teaching, maybe I can ask their view on who would be the coach/teacher they wish to have from the theorists. :grinning:

Good idea @naleen :slight_smile: Who would be your choice? Would learners know about ELT theorists at all?

Fortunately yes. Unless they would definitely think i am crazy. :grinning: