LIDA101 Future of higher education in a digital age

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The purpose of this activity is to have an open discussion on the future of higher education in a digital age taking into account the rising costs of education and lack of access in many parts of the world.
Issues to consider and share on the forum include:

  • What are your thoughts on Anya Kamenetz’s TEDxAtlanta talk on the DIY U? Published in 2010, what is the probability of these predictions becoming reality taking the advantage of hindsight into account? Do you disagree with any of Anya’s assertions?
    *Will the phenomenon of “free learning” succeed in addressing the challenges of rising costs and lack of access to higher education? Think about advantages and disadvantages.
  • Will alternate credentialing increase your prospects for future employment?
  • What are the implications of this changing landscape in higher education for your own academic skills and those of future learners?
  • Other?

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The cost of higher education is becoming unaffordable for many learners. (See for example the #textbookbroke hashtag.)

Governments are beginning to recognize the challenges of affordability of higher education. For example, in New Zealand, the new Labour Government has announced free tertiary fees and the South African President has also announced fee-free higher education for the poor.

The long term challenge is one of sustainability. Will these governments be able to continue funding fee free education without substantive changes to the higher education system? What can be done to ensure long term sustainability?