LIDA101 Digital literacies and why they're important for you

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Doug Belshaw says we should talk about digital literacies (plural) and that they depend heavily on context and are socially negotiated.

Please share with the group:

  1. One digital literacy you have acquired and use regularly in your own context. Summarise your context and suggest why this is a literacy rather than a digital skill.
  2. Share one digital literacy you would like to acquire or improve to support your learning. Why is this literacy important for you?
  3. Optional - do you think there is a difference between digital literacies used in personal life when compared to formal learning or the work environment?

Remember that digital literacies are context dependent and socially negotiated - so there are no wrong or right answers. The ones which are important for you are determined by your own context.


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I would not be able to execute my roles at the OER Foundation without a wide range of digital literacies spanning multiple open source cloud based technologies. A key component of my work focuses on finding new and interesting ways to support learning in a digital age with emerging technologies and as such this is more than a skill because we need to consider how these technologies can enable and support learning.

What is interesting is the fact that even though I have a terminal degree, I have received no formal training in the majority of skills and literacies that are pre-requisite for my work at the OERu associated with learning in a digital age. I have adopted a learn-by-doing approach to build the competencies for working effectively in a digital world.


@nadaelgarhy @mackiwg
I have never been aware of the term digital literacy until recently. I found out that it is about the purpose of using certain technologies, which I became aware when I was working on a research paper about creative learning methods and theories. The digital literacy I have acquired then and still use constantly is different online library resources and social media discussions tools such as Twitter, etc. Then it is also when I have learned how I can separate those online digital skills and tools for my personal life and for the purpose of my career and learning.


Digital literacy matters to me because it focuses on the rules and tactics of technology, therefore, it helps the individual to enhance and develop a better understanding of the technologically developed world.


As i have previously mentioned in my reflection, i didn’t know know that the term digital literacy existed, i only knew that one could have digital skills and that’s it. So it made mw wonder how many people were on the same page like me. And that is why i think that digital literacy is important as it makes you able to use your skills to become a part of a much wider public digital domain where you could communicate, collaborate, innovate and inspire others.



Greetings from New Zealand! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on social networking platforms on the OERu forums. Indeed, selecting appropriate social networks for learning, career and personal purposes is a significant element of digital citizenship.

Enjoy your course!


Hi @nayera_khairat

I agree - I have spent the majority of my career working in ICTs for development. In fact, I think digital technologies will become a powerful enabler for achieving the sustainable development goals - especially if we use open tools so that indigenous communities retain control and ownership of their own destiny rather than the dictates of the corporate industrialised world. For these reasons it’s important that everyone builds capacity in digital literacies.

Enjoy your learning in the open online world!


Hi @JanaKhalifa

Well said! I think that its imperative that we engage in a digital world especially when we can cooperate on a global scale for the benefit of all. Digital literacy is a prerequisite for this engagement.

Enjoy the course!