#LiDA101 - A need for increasing digital literacy

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Due to the rapid development of information and communications technology, a lot of teaching and learning process also evolved. Presently, a lot of educational institutions all over the globe require at least the lowest level of digital literacy among teachers and incorporate digital literacy in their curriculums. To specify Eshet-Alkalai (2004) defined digital literacy as more than the …"ability to use computers and softwares. Rather, it includes a complex and large variety of cognitive, motor, sociological and emotional skills.

More than the computer literacy that we are learning, we should also exert effort in learning the different skills such as following instructions, discerning the validity of information, organizing and constructing knowledge coming from a vast collection of information, communicating effectively in the digital environment and establishing a set of netiquette for responsible and respectful coexistence with people in the digital environment.

Eshet-Alkalai, Y. (2004). Digital Literacy: A conceptual framework for Survival Skills in the Digital Era. Jl. of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia (2004) 13(1),93-106.