Governance and management

Governance is the process of interactions through the laws, social norms, power (social and political) or language as structured in communication of an organized society over a social system.

Management is the administration of organizations, whether they are a business, a nonprofit organization, or a government body.

You bring in laws, social norms and power in your definition of governance. Indeed, you are correct, these elements feature in governance. The question I would like to pose is: Who makes the laws (or rather rules) to be followed in the governance of an educational institution, like an open school? Other participants are free to respond to the question as well.

That is true Taatita, without governance, organsations like open schools do not perform well. As is suggested in Unit Two of the course, the effectiveness of the governing body is also important.

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Good point Farid, the governing body formulates organizational policy for implementation by management. In open schools, the governing body also ensures that management implements the policy.

The laws will be made by the higher authority or lets take the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION as an Example they will implement the laws in order for good governance in school to be provided

To my understanding, correct me if I am wrong, the governing body of the school is not the only body to make the laws or rules to be reflected in a governance of an Open School. There must be a legal body like Office of Attorney General that should also be part of the process in making the laws to be followed in the governance of an Open School. This is important that the governance of an Open School is legal and the Governing Body is a legal body that is mandated by the governance of the Open School.

Governance sets the overall direction and policies of an organization or society, while management implements those policies and strategies to achieve specific objectives. Governance is accountable to stakeholders, while management is accountable to the governing body.

Ideally, governance and management are a joint endeavor. The future of the organization depends on the effectiveness of their mutual efforts.

Governance is : Set norms and standards, strategic vision and direction and formulate high-level goals and policies for the open school.

Management is: Make operational decisions and policies, keep the governance bodies informed and educated.

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Governance encompasses the system by which an organization is controlled and operates, and the mechanisms by which it, and its people, are held to account. While management is a process of getting the work or the task done that is required for achieving the goals of an organization in an efficient and effective manner.

I do not agree with you.

Governance is the process of controlling and abiding by laws and regulations agreed by community. the g0nernace is being carried out by some appointed persons from the community.
On the other hand, management is the process of proper handling of resources (human or non-human) based on aggreed ideas.

Governance are the top policy and decision makers; where as managements are to decide, plan and implement the strategies needed towards achieving the targeted goals.
On the other hand; the two can be seen as vision and mission or as aims and objectives

Governance is the practice of the board of directors coming together to make decisions about the direction of the company. Duties such as oversight, strategic planning, decision-making and financial planning fall under governance activities Whereas Management structures can take on an infinite number of formats depending on the size and type of company. In all cases, management decisions support and implement the board’s goals and values.

Governance refers to the process of making decisions and providing the framework for the organization; it is the process of interactions through laws.

Management refers to the process of maintaining the smooth operation of an organisation.

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The difference between governance and management-
Governance is planning the path and direction to take the organisation on a growth path whereas the managers of the organisation seeks to carry about the strategic goals set by governing body. The management team sees about day to day running of the organisation with the resources it has.

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Differences between Management and Governance.

  1. Governance is concerned with setting objectives, goals, policies aimed at enhancing quality of life, education and the general well being of citizenry… While Management is concerned with the supervision and implementation of such set goals and objectives.

  2. Management is the process of ensuring efficient utilization of organizational scarce resources in achieving set goals. While governance is a machinery set up to ensure proper supervision of available resources.

Your definition is correct. Management is the process of getting things done through other peope (Mary Parker). While Governance is concerned with formulation of goals and objectives.

Management has to do with prudent allocation and utilization of resources (human, capital and material) to achieve the goals of an organization while governance is about administration of the resources guided by the organizational structure and processes put in place.

The difference between Governance and Management is that Governance is responsible for setting the appropriate policy and procedure for better working of the organization and ensuring that things should get done appropriately in the right manner. It determines the missions and provides a direction to the organization.
Whereas. Management supports the staff to get and governance processes. It is also responsible for implementing the strategic aspect of the vision.