DS4OERS (PAC) Recommend an appropriate name for OER community of practice leaders

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The concept of an ‘Open Ranger’ and its intended associations will be familiar to Canadians. However, the label may not be appropriate for your region.

Please join the consultation to recommend an appropriate name or label for community of practice leaders or coordinators for your community or region by posting in this forum.


Assume that you have been tasked by your Ministry of Education to recommend a suitable name or designation for community leaders or coordinators to promote the adoption of OER in your country through a community of practice.

  1. What name would you recommend for these OER community coordinators?
  2. Briefly explain your suggestion, providing reasons why your choice is suitable for your context.

Please post your suggestions in the forum by clicking reply below, and join the conversation by replying to any posts.

Submission candidates so far

ePacifica Drivers. Since it is eLearning and it is for the Pacific and this team will drive the group of teachers to a common platform for promoting adoption of OER in the region and if it is for Fiji then eVuli Drivers which means online education.

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I like it - a great suggestion, and no harm in having an “eVuli Drivers” chapter for the Fijian community. Thanks for sharing.

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Pac Forum since ideas and views will be exchanged to benefit the wide Pacific community.


OER Pasefika Champions ideas of resources developement at the different Pacific Islands Context level

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eTeaching Educators…since we will be involved in guiding teachers in our countries to use softwares to develop eteaching aids.

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Thanks - another great submission which I’ve added to the list of candidates. Thanks for your contribution. Later in the course I will populate a poll for DS4OER participants to vote and provide feedback on the best options.

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Interesting submissions so far.

If not that non-Christians (who may think that the word “apostle” is purely Christian) I would have recommended “OER Apostles” owing to the word’s exactness in conveying the role of OER community coordinators. I then recommend “OER Ambassadors”, because “apostle” is also commonly translated “ambassador”. We know that countries’ ambassadors work to present their countries to other countries as worthwhile and very friendly to relate with. I strongly believe this isn’t different from what OER Ambassadors will be doing for OER.

Consider also this Wikipedia entry:
‘An apostle, in its most literal sense, is an emissary, from Greek ἀπόστολος (apóstolos), literally “one who is sent off”, from the verb ἀποστέλλειν (apostéllein), “to send off”. The purpose of such sending off is usually to convey a message, and thus “messenger” is a common alternative translation; other common translations include “ambassador”.’

eLalakai Instructors

Lalakai is an Indigenous Fijian language. It is a Fijian dish used to dish out root crops which is a must in every I’Taukei families. It is made out of coconut leaves. Coconut leaves used are specially chosen for the I’ Lalakai making. This leaves are then further divided (using a special sea-shell) into smaller strips then it is woven. It has its own special way of weaving, unlike common weaving types used in mats.

The reason why I chose this was because OERS Instructors will dish out or provide digital knowledge and expertise that will enhance teacher’s teaching skills and knowledge. Lalakai is specially created by weavers and dishes out food- (“kakana dina”) root crops which a must in every I’Taukei family; I believe so to with OERS who put together people with different expertise and experiences to be able to reach out to the developing world. These experts formulated a program which is a must to enhance teaching. Thus the reason for my choice.

Thanks both for your submissions and explanations underpinning your suggestions. I’ve added both to the list of candidates.

I have chosen PASIFIKA OER Inspirers . The word PASIFIKA is the Fijian word for Pacific . and through the letters I have come up with words i.e Having the abbreviation
P A S I F I K A -
P - rovide
A - vailable
S- ystematic
I - nformation
F - reely
I - nfluencing
K- nowledge
A - ccessibility
together as OER Inspirers is where by we inspire each other as educators and learners through sharing and acknowledging new ideas through this OER platform.