BMAN111 Does country context matter when starting a new business?

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In this discussion forum we invite you to think about the unique context of doing business in your own country and to reflect on the value of international experience from entrepreneurship.

Please review Partick Bet-David’s 12 mistakes he made as an American entrepreneur.

Consider the following:

  1. Are their any “mistakes” from this list that would not apply to starting a new business in your own country?
    • Post the mistake you identified in this forum and describe why it wouldn’t apply in your country?
  2. Are their any mistakes to avoid when starting a business that are specific to your country that were not considered by the American entrepreneur?
    • Please identify mistakes to be avoided in your country and explain why.

Other discussion ideas

  1. Would an American entrepreneur be able to run a successful small business in your country? Why?
  2. Would you be able to run a successful small business in America? Why?