AS4ODFL (PAC) Challenges and possibilities of applied activity-based and integrated assessment

The pressure of time constraint as a consequence of meeting curriculum expectations is challenging for most teachers. In Vanuatu about two weeks in a term dedicated to national public holidays that all schools observe. This is not taken into account in terms of national expectation of syllabus coverage. This therefore put pressure on teachers to rash teaching and learning. Photocopying notes and getting students to read alone before the next lesson. Many teachers allow this opportunity for students to find their own time communicating with each other peer mobile phone and social networking. Whether this is done or not depends on how much each individual students are motivated to learn from each other alone. This proves that schools need to facilitate internet access that is sufficient to all students. Video downloads shared on distributed flash drive allow students to view what they learn as a mode of communication. The school needs to use a multimodal design of classroom activities whereby students collaborate online with the teacher. Inside classroom active integration time is minimal.

I agree with most of the participants, in order to develop and teach on-line course the biggest challenge in my country as well would be IT. ICT needs to be thought in schools as well as free Wi-fi provided for both staff and students with devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. These are some of the challenges we have in the country right now.

The biggest challenges that I encounter are:

  1. Power outage - I am experiencing unexpected power failures in our school everyday
  • During this pandemic, remote teaching is taking place where teachers are using computers uploading their lessons and activities in their perspective times. Some teachers are new to the system
  • Students are not familiar with new technologies. The results of this, is that most students couldn’t download and complete their activities
  1. Face-to-Face teaching - Learning outcomes are not achieved in some cases where students need to having a face-to-face teaching.

  2. Text-book and Syllabus - Syllabus that I am currently using is a 2007 version. This version needs to be updated to inline with the development of new technologies.

  3. Internet - Our country faces black-spots to access the internet. The weather contributes also the internet speed.

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We have the same problem here in our school. We have all the resources prepared for students and were sent to their respective islands for them to complete.
When they returned to school, only a few were able to complete so we had to do them all over again.
Power outage, lack of resources and internet connectivity are our main problems.
Thanks for sharing!

Applied activity based and integrated assessment challenges in FODE PNG context:

  1. Teacher orientation and training on the concepts per se to begin with
  2. Resource materials availability and sourcing out capacities
  3. Readiness, technical orientation and know how and awareness for the staff and students
  4. Institutional readiness, support and capacities for sustainability
  5. Manpower insufficiency
  6. Infrastructure (structure as well as technical) issues

The challenges we have in our school here is :
not every students are computer literate,
lack of device to access the moodle by a student at home.
Even some of us teachers need to upgrate ICT literacy
So more time is needed to export ICT knowlege to students and teachers

From our example as TVET training provider based in rural communities below are the experienced challenges:

  • The access of electricity
  • The internet access (data network) and its reliability
  • The learners/trainers computer literacy skills
  • The technical support of the ICT tools

agree with your points


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-Internet connection Problem
-No Computer skills
-Electricity problem
-No computer o smart phone to use.

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The major common issues faced in relation to online learning are:

  1. CONNECTION is unreliable
  2. Not enough computers to the accommodate a large number of students
    3 An ICT teacher to teach these number of students.
    Remote learning on an outer islands is unreliable especially in Kiribati to where I teach. Technology devices and technology skills to access internet and computer
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very TRUE most areas don’t have access to available technology needed to carry out the task, especially the online learning platform

The key issues and challenges found to be significant in using ICT tools by teachers were:
limited accessibility and network connection,
limited technical support, lack of effective training,
limited time and lack of teachers’ competency

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Some of the main challenges in our schools are the lack of teaching and learning materials, poor internet connection and frequent power outage. These are some of the challenges that we are faced with and it will affect the teaching and learning of students.

There are many challenges that people face that impact on teaching and learning. Do you think integrating learning and assessment can make some of these challenges easier to manage and deal with?

Applied integrated activities planned for one lesson is part of active learning strategy. In order to assess learning our own teaching approach and how students thinking skills are encourage, we must understand how integration of assessment for, of and as helps to determine successful summative assessment results. Teachers are often praised for a good student assessment result or sometimes blamed for poor performance at school level without considering the challenges teachers face when a single assessment is carried out. That is why both the school and parents have a key role in the integration process because some activities require extended time frames. Therefore, the resources available in my planning prior to learning has to also be accessible to the students elsewhere like the internet at home for students to use.

Integration of assessment for, of and as should be an integral part of activity based learning. This is to allow for feedback while students progress and expose themselves to new skills of learning. Teachers also have clear understanding to the appropriate planning based on how well students perform therefore allows confidence in planning build students as they learn and progress. This is known as active learning. Active learning through working in small groups is motivating.

The challenges and possibilities of applied activity-based and integrated assessment is a reality for my country, Solomon Islands and all Pacific Islands Countries (PICs). Access to electricity and internet connection centralized to towns and cities. Remote schools does not have the access neither financial capabilities to acquire these very expensive assets themselves. Likewise, to acquire computers, tablets, etc. To make matters worst, both teachers and students are computer illiterate. As a result, activity-based and integrated assessment is very challenging for our remote schools in Solomon Islands.

Absolutely my case in Solomon Islands. Activity-based and integrated assessments of, for and as learning help students learning effectively and efficiently. However, teachers’ and schools cannot afford computers, tablets, electricity, and internet discs for the whole school and student. Teachers only resort to traditional summative assessment method to assess learning.

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The main challenges are:

  • poor internet connection
  • high cost of electronic devices
    -Difficulty in getting acquainted with online learning under lockdown conditions
  • parents reluctance to let children use mobile phones lest they misuse it
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Participating in this course is a worthwhile opportunity for teachers to enhance their online skills. Having to login and accessing the activities and materials already teach us to get online. The collaborative efforts put is an example of what we should apply.

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