Advantages and disadvantages of technology in teaching and learning

This activity should take you 15 minutes to complete.

  1. As a teacher or an education planner or manager, explain the advantages you enjoy by using technology in your work.
  2. Also highlight some of the disadvantages you face in using the technology you use.
  3. Post your ideas in the discussion forum.

Advantages of using technologies in teaching are fabulous:

  1. Make planning of lesson design efficient and timely.
  2. Make work easy, fast and dependable. Can always be expanded, amended or revised anytime with a click of a button.
    Few disadvantages can be one or the following:
  3. Always need update or upgrading
  4. Machines do get wear and tear
  5. Technologies do no come free, it costs a fortune!
  6. Technically technology need supply of power at 7/24 every year.