Can I get formal academic credit for OERu courses [Credit] (1)
IRMP103 - General forum for data analysis and reporting [Research methods in psychology] (1)
IRMP102 - General forum for research methods [Research methods in psychology] (1)
IRMP101 - General forum for foundations of research [Research methods in psychology] (1)
ART102 Film and Photographs Challenge: Photographs [Art appreciation and techniques] (1)
LIDA101 Digital literacies and why they're important for you [Learning in a digital age] (8)
Locating course materials from the site [Learning] (1)
Required software [Technology] (2)
Managing photos online [Technology] (2)
Using hashtags within WEnotes [Technology] (2)
What does OERu stand for? [Learning] (1)
IENT101 General forum for Becoming an Entrepreneur [Introduction to entrepreneurship] (1)
IENT101 Who is your favourite entrepreneur? [Introduction to entrepreneurship] (1)
IENT101 Crowd sourcing ideas [Introduction to entrepreneurship] (1)
IENT101 Market Research Questions [Introduction to entrepreneurship] (1)
IENT101 Ask a friend SWOT analysis learning challenge [Introduction to entrepreneurship] (1)
IENT101 "Ask a friend" Before starting a business [Introduction to entrepreneurship] (1)
IENT102 General forum for Planning a Business Startup [Introduction to entrepreneurship] (1)
IENT102 Have you ever been faced with an ethical dilemma at work? [Introduction to entrepreneurship] (1)
IENT102 How did Mitsubishi fail their business? Click all that apply [Introduction to entrepreneurship] (1)
IENT102 How did Uber fail their business? Click all that apply [Introduction to entrepreneurship] (1)
IENT102 Has Honest Tea remained true to its principles of organic and fair trade? [Introduction to entrepreneurship] (1)
IENT103 General forum for Financing and Managing a Business Startup [Introduction to entrepreneurship] (1)
IPM104 Managing a project [Introduction to project management] (1)
IPM104 Measurement best practice [Introduction to project management] (1)
IPM104 Releasing the project team [Introduction to project management] (1)
IPM104 Reflection [Introduction to project management] (1)
IPM104 Recording and archiving project documents [Introduction to project management] (1)
IPM104 Obtaining customer feedback [Introduction to project management] (1)
LIDA101 General forum for digital literacies for online learning [Learning in a digital age] (2)