Assessment The assessment category is used for topics and questions relating to assessment in OERu courses. Technology The technology sub-category of FAQs is used for posting questions and answers about OERu technologies. Learning The learning category is used for general questions and support regarding how to participate and engage in OERu courses. General Used for general questions which don’t fit the other categories of the FAQ section. Acadmic volunteers The OERu is a charitable collaboration and our courses are designed for independent study without tutorial support. Credit This category is used for questions relating to formal academic credit and credit transfer towards exit credentials and awards.
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About the OERu FAQ support category 1 December 9, 2015
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How many courses or credits are required for a full-time equivalent year of study? 1 January 19, 2018
What if I’ve earned credits from a recognised institution that withdraws from the OERu collaboration? 1 December 20, 2017
Must I use my real name for my social media? 1 December 20, 2017
I’m not comfortable sharing all of my work publicly. Are there ‘private’ forums where I can interact only with instructors and other students? 1 December 20, 2017
What are the terms of service for OERu learning 1 December 20, 2017
Is there a time limit for completing the formal assessments for credit? 1 December 20, 2017
Must I travel to the institution for assessment? 1 December 20, 2017
Do OERu partners provide free tutorial support for OERu courses? 1 December 20, 2017
Are there ‘live lectures’ or can all the work be done when and where I want? 1 December 20, 2017
Can I study OERu courses independently at my own pace? 1 December 20, 2017
Will OERu courses be accepted for credit transfer at all the OERu partners? 1 December 20, 2017
Will more OERu course options become available? 1 December 20, 2017
Does the OERu offer micro-credentials for assessed learning? 1 December 20, 2017
Is course registration required to access OERu course materials? 1 December 9, 2015
Learning is free - but does the OERu place restrictions on access to learning materials? 1 December 19, 2017
Can I participate in OERu courses for free without taking the formal assessments? 1 December 19, 2017
Can I get formal academic credit for OERu courses 1 December 19, 2017
What does OERu stand for? 1 September 15, 2017
About this Discourse Forum 2 February 19, 2016
Why does the OERu use micro-courses? 1 December 10, 2015
What is an OERu micro-course? 1 December 9, 2015
Who confers degrees in the OERu model? 1 December 9, 2015
What is the cost for assessment services for academic credit? 1 December 9, 2015