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IPM101 - Reflection on the history and future of project management (8)
IPM101 Spot poll - Personal experience with the role of a project manager (2)
IPM 102 103 104 Your Project (2)
IPM101 Stakeholder dynamics (3)
Internal and external stakeholders (2)
IPM101 Project methodologies (2)
IPM101 General forum for Role of the Project Manager (2)
IMP103 General forum for Planning a Project (1)
IMP102 General forum for Initiating a Project (1)
IPM104 Understanding the components of a communication model (1)
IPM103 Measuring Quality (1)
IPM104 Choosing communication methods (1)
IPM104 General forum for Executing and Closing a Project (1)
IPM104 Managing a project (1)
IPM104 Measurement best practice (1)
IPM104 Releasing the project team (1)
IPM104 Reflection (1)
IPM104 Recording and archiving project documents (1)
IPM104 Obtaining customer feedback (1)