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IPM101 Spot poll - Personal experience with the role of a project manager (2)
IPM 102 103 104 Your Project (2)
IPM101 Stakeholder dynamics (3)
Internal and external stakeholders (2)
IPM101 Project methodologies (2)
IPM101 - Reflection on the history and future of project management (5)
IPM101 General forum for Role of the Project Manager (2)
IMP103 General forum for Planning a Project (1)
IMP102 General forum for Initiating a Project (1)
IPM104 Understanding the components of a communication model (1)
IPM103 Measuring Quality (1)
IPM104 Choosing communication methods (1)
IPM104 General forum for Executing and Closing a Project (1)
IPM104 Managing a project (1)
IPM104 Measurement best practice (1)
IPM104 Releasing the project team (1)
IPM104 Reflection (1)
IPM104 Recording and archiving project documents (1)
IPM104 Obtaining customer feedback (1)